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Arcmatic has the only welding system specifically designed to produce NGI-ESW welds.


This newly developed welding system combines our tremendous electroslag welding

experience with the repeatability and precision of computer controlled welding system.

We control all aspects of the weld. The main futures for this system are:



   • Up to 12” thick welds in single pass.

   • Precise timing for every welding stage

   • Voltage Amps (Wire Feeder) control and automated changes following the welding parameters.

   • Power supply control and instant record of Amps and Volts during the weld. This is required

      by D1.5 2010 code Option to  replay the weld information later on.

   • Flux dispersing. The error is less the 1% for the entire weld

   • Automatic Welding parameters generator

   • Storing the welding programs for future use

   • Power supply control and instant record of Amps and Volts during the weld.

      This is required by D1.5 2010 code Option to replay the weld information later on.

   • 40 000 BTU water cooler with automatic sense for the water flow as safety future

   • Specially design water cooled copper shoes.

   • Options for 1,2,3 or 4 wire welds.


Portable Electroslag system.

Easy to move - small and compact.

Can be moved by hand, forklift or crane

Must have in every steel shop.

Arcmatic's newest design:

Two in One

Subarc Manipulator and Electroslag unit.

5 minutes to switch between

Subarc and Electroslag welds.

Optional - can be added and pipe

rotation control and use it as

welding direction





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 ARCMATIC WELDING SYSTEMS specializes in Modular Welding Systems that are: Turn-key, Computer Controlled and ProgrammableArcmatic’s Welding Systems are specifically designed for heavy plate applications, but can be use for an endless variety of applications.  Arcmatic’s Mechanical and Electrical Modules can be used to build Custom Welding System with standardized “off-the-shelf” components.  Computer control of these modules allows Arcmatic to “cut-and-paste” standardized software modules that can be assembled together to make a custom build welding systems.  The programmability of these electrical control modules has the capability of producing perfect welds, time-after-time.  Arcmatic serves customers worldwide, with high quality and accurately controlled Modular Welding Systems. Arcmatic has been in business since 1993, but has the owners have over 40 years of expertise in building Automated Welding Systems.  Arcmatic Welding Systems are competitively priced, but the money that our customers have saved is priceless.

 Arcmatic’s Modular, Programmable, Computer Controlled Welding Systems can be used fabrication of:

(1) Wind Towers
(2) Offshore Platforms
(3) Heavy Wall Pressure Vessels
(4) Structural Steel Beams and Columns
(5) Bridge girders, and much more